How to become a member

How to become a member

If you work in or have interest in research, conservation and/or education activities related to subterranean biology, you are welcome to become a member of International Society for Subterranean Biology.

ISSB has two types of members:

  • Regular members [need to pay the membership fee]
  • Honorary members [no membership fee; honoured on the proposal and accepted at ISSB Assembly]

Interested candidates for membership should send the following information to Treasurer or members of the Council:

  • Express their interest to become a member
  • Explain how they are related to subterranean biology
  • Add a short CV, which includes basic personal information, working position, and topics related to subterranean biology
  • Get acquainted with the ISSB rules

Next step:

  • Pay the annual membership fee

Annual membership fee for regular members: 30 EUR

Methods to pay the membership fee**:

IBAN: SI56101000049543327
Bank address: Banka Koper, Pristaniska 14, 6502 Koper, Slovenia
Please assure that the transfer is free of charge for the beneficiary.

Check can be sent by regular mail to Treasurer’s address with an additional 20,00 Eur to the total amount for processing costs

The email address of the PayPal account is
All costs of transaction should be taken over by the payer (they differ according to PayPal conditions): the exchange currency fee, the transaction fee… As there are further costs with processing the money by the receiver (society), additional 2 Eur should be added to each year’s membership fee to cover these costs


  • Payment in cash is not possible.
  • Notify the Treasurer about the time and method of transaction – and you will receive the confirmation on paid fee