How to become a member

How to become a member

If you work in or have interest in research, conservation and/or education activities related to subterranean biology, you are welcome to become a member of International Society for Subterranean Biology.

ISSB has two types of members:

  • Regular members [need to pay the membership fee]
  • Honorary members [no membership fee; honoured on the proposal and accepted at ISSB Assembly]

Interested candidates for membership should send the following information to Treasurer or members of the Council:

  • Express their interest to become a member
  • Explain how they are related to subterranean biology
  • Add a short CV, which includes basic personal information, working position, and topics related to subterranean biology
  • Get acquainted with the ISSB rules

Next step:

  • Pay the annual membership fee

Annual membership fee for regular members: 30 EUR

Methods to pay the membership fee**:


Due to the bank account moving to the treasurers country of residence, bank to bank transfer is currently not possible. Please contact susanne_i_schmidt  at for further details.

Check can be sent by regular mail to Treasurer’s address with an additional 20,00 Eur to the total amount for processing costs



  • Payment in cash is not possible.
  • Notify the Treasurer about the time and method of transaction – and you will receive the confirmation on paid fee